your answers are within.
“What do I do with my life?”
"What’s my purpose?"
“Does my work matter? ”
“What’s my plan?”
one week
of self-discovery
declutter your brain
understand your goals
create your plan
"I’m clear about myself,
my goals, & MY PLAN."
"I have no idea what
i'm going to do next..."
meet your
ideal self

identify your

purpose & passions

uncover your

hidden talents

discover ideas that

reflect your values

master a

winning mindset

at your pace.
in your space.
Starting Point
Profile of Your Ideal Self
3-Month Actionable Plan

FILL IN THE blanks

imagine creating a videogame character,

where you describe their features, skills & mission.

but instead of a fictional being,

you're describing the ideal version of yourself.

we 💚 results

Sydney W.
WeCo taught me more in a week than my entrepreneurial program in two semesters. Moreover, WeCo helps me put my knowledge into action and grow my dream business.
David D.
WeCo focuses on action, progress, and balance, leaving no room for fluff. It’s a truly all-in-one support system for every stage of my business.
Zenik P.
HR expert
Since joining WeCo, my mind has been cleared of distractions, self-sabotage, and negativity. My self-esteem, confidence & clarity have skyrocketed.​​ Today I am a different person.
next steps:

1. Take Placement Survey

(15 min)

You are unique, and so is YOUR JOURNEY.

This initial survey will help us understand your ambitions & determine the best mix of tools for you.

2. Attend Orientation

(45+ min)

Learn about the WeCo method in detail and get your initial questions answered.

3. Go Through Roadmap

(1 week)

Your choices make you, and we at WeCo mean it literally.

Simply download your brain into the Roadmap, a coherently structured set of tools, tests & templates.

4. Experience 1:1 Coaching

(1 hour)

Your roadmap results are reviewed by a certified WeCoach who will provide a custom plan for your next steps.

5. Receive Your Game Plan

(3 month plan)

Your custom plan is a very specific set of steps tailored to your personality and goals.

6. Share Final Feedback

(30 min)

Share your final opinions & suggestions for improvement.

We hope to help you define & achieve your ideal self, and capture your transformation.

7. Meet Your Ideal Self


At this point you're ready to put your plan to action.

WeCo will most certainly help you stay focused & motivated. The stakes are high - your best self is on the line.

$250 value
in exchange
for your feedback
Respond to surveys &
share your honest feedback

(2 hours total)
from WeCo
from You
Full access to Roadmap,
Platform & 1:1 coaching

($250 value)
Ready to meet your ideal self?
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