From Their Heart to Yours: What Your Child Truly Feels.

Sep 16, 2023

Dear Mom,

Picture this: a quiet night, stars sprinkled across the sky like tiny promises of hope. We sit under a blanket fort we used to build when I was little, surrounded by the soft glow of fairy lights. It's a moment out of time, where I can finally share what's been on my heart.

Your Ever-Glowing Love: Mom, your love has been a beacon in my life. Your sacrifices, your tireless work, they've all woven a tapestry of love that envelops me. I cherish every memory we've created.

The Unspoken Burden: But here's the thing—I've been carrying an unspoken burden, hidden like a treasure I couldn't reveal. It's not because I didn't want to share; it's because I wanted to protect you from more worry.

The Frustration and Pressure: Those constant reminders to "get a job" have left me feeling like I'm on a treadmill, running but not quite getting anywhere. It's not that I don't want success; it's just that the path sometimes feels like a labyrinth.

The Fear of Disappointing You: One of my deepest fears has been disappointing you. Your expectations are like stars in the sky—bright and unattainable. I didn't want to admit my struggles because I wanted to preserve the image of your unwavering belief in me.

Unveiling the Emotions: Mom, there have been nights when self-doubt whispered in my ear, days when I questioned my choices, and moments when I felt like I was swimming against a strong current. These emotions, I've kept them hidden.

A Cry for Understanding: What I'm asking for is understanding, Mom. I want you to understand that my journey may not be the one you dreamed of, but it's a journey filled with potential and dreams all the same. Your support means more to me than any job title ever could.

Our Pact: Can we make a pact, Mom? Can we vow to explore this journey hand in hand, with trust, empathy, and love as our compass? Can we create our own constellations of happiness and success?

Imagine that fort, Mom, where we share our dreams, our fears, and our hopes. Imagine a world where your love and my aspirations coexist harmoniously.

I hope this letter brings us closer, where we can finally have that heart-to-heart under the starlit sky. Together, we can bridge the gap and build a future filled with understanding, love, and shared dreams.

With all my love,

[Your Child's Name]

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