Wanting the Same, Seeing Differently.

Sep 18, 2023

In the grand story of parenthood, there's a common but often unnoticed theme – parents and their children want the same things. It may seem hard to believe, especially when arguments and misunderstandings cloud the horizon. But if we take a moment to peer through the lenses of each other's lives, we'll discover that our desires align more than we realize.

1. Responsibility:

Parents wish for their children to grow responsible, capable of managing their lives and making wise decisions. Simultaneously, young adults crave the autonomy to prove their sense of responsibility. It's the same desire from different angles.

2. Independence:

Parents dream of nurturing independent children who can stand on their own two feet. For young adults, independence means the freedom to explore and grow without feeling stifled. Both seek self-reliance.

3. Understanding:

In the heart of every parent lies a desire to understand their child, to comprehend their dreams, fears, and aspirations. Meanwhile, young adults yearn for their parents to understand their unique journey, the challenges they face, and the choices they make. It's a shared longing for empathy and connection.

4. Fulfillment:

Parents hope for their children to find happiness and fulfillment in life. The young generation echoes the same aspiration, aspiring to discover their passion and purpose. It's a shared pursuit of a meaningful life.

5. Support:

Parents want to be a reliable pillar of support, offering guidance and assistance when needed. Young adults desire their parents to believe in their dreams and support them on their path. It's the same intention to stand by each other's side.

6. Love:

Love is at the core of both parent and child. Parents love their children unconditionally, and young adults seek that affirmation of love and acceptance. It's an unspoken bond of affection that runs deep.

So, where does the disconnect arise? Often, it's a matter of vantage point. Parents look through the lens of experience, while young adults view the world through the prism of emerging independence. But here's the beautiful truth – when we pause, empathize, and take a moment to see life from the other's perspective, the divide starts to shrink.

Bridging this generational gap is a matter of understanding that the same desires flow through our veins, albeit from different starting points. It's about acknowledging that our journeys may differ, but our ultimate destinations align.

As parents and children, we can choose to look through each other's lenses, to see the world from a shared vantage point. When we do, the disconnect dissolves, and the tapestry of family becomes woven with threads of understanding, love, and shared aspirations. It's a journey worth taking, hand in hand.

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