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Sydney W.
The Wandering Duck
WeCo taught me more about myself in few hours than my entrepreneurial program in two semesters. Moreover, WeCo helps me put my knowledge into action and grow my dream business.
Zenik P.
HR expert
Since discovering WeCo, my mind has been cleared of distractions, self-sabotage, and negativity. My self-esteem, confidence & clarity have skyrocketed.​​ Today I am a different person.
Amber S.
The Cleaning Bee
Last December I envisioned myself starting a business. 3 weeks later I already had my first client and now I'm watching my company transform right in front of my eyes. I was quite skeptical at first, but WeCo is very real.
Julia P.
Within just 2 weeks after discovering WeCo, I was able to find a perfectly matched business and a fulfilling role that ideally fits my schedule, passions and personality. I can’t believe WeCo is not yet a “thing” because it makes all the sense in the world.
Chrissina M.
Preppy Pets
I have built a successful pet grooming business and thanks to WeCo I have the courage to launch a pet friendly cafe with my sister. Although I have years of experience, I learned quite a bit.
Heather F.
Growing Resilient
I am so happy I have found WeCo. Having another perspective, and someone to push me to reach my goals is everything. Since joining WeCo, I have even stopped going to a therapist.
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Ready to own your true self?
What is WeCo?
WeCo is an ecosystem which helps you identify your desired lifestyle and then build/find/optimize a business based on that.

WeCo has started with a belief that life is short and we may, as well, live the best one. How?! Identify our strengths and passions to turn them into a lifestyle business. While many would say, ‘it’s not possible’, we at WeCo created a realistic method and today it already works for others (see above).
What is a ‘lifestyle business’?
Lifestyle business allows you to:

  • Do what you enjoy the most
  • Team up with great people
  • Deliver value with purpose
  • Get adequately compensated
  • Maintain work/life balance
Who is WeCo for?
WeCo is ideal for anyone who realizes that increasing workload, getting another job and putting in insane amounts of hours, doesn’t exactly transform life. WeCo is perfect for you if you are smart enough to not believe in get-rich-quick nonsense, yet your gut knows that there must be a better way to maintain a work/life balance.
Do I have to be an entrepreneur?
No. WeCo has been constructed like a puzzle. Simply bring your strengths, skills, passions, ideas and resources - whatever you feel comfortable investing in your own business, and WeCo will help you build a lifestyle business around your specific situation.
How much time should I allocate?
Ideally, we ask you to allocate 10+ hours a week. Consistency is the key.
What’s required of me?
Be a member in good standing, consistently show up and do the absolute best you can.
Do I have to quit my job or drop out of my school?
Absolutely not. We believe in educated and responsible decisions. Often, quitting something that you already have BEFORE figuring your next chapter, may mean losing your stability and source of income. You can start at your own pace and see how everything is working out for you before making big decisions.
What’s the catch?
The catch is that in order to accomplish the best results, you are encouraged to consistently show up and do your best. There is no workaround work. WeCo works ONLY if you work it. It’s NOT a get-rich-quick nonsense nor a pyramid scheme.
Does it actually work?
WeCo is very intentional: so if you are willing to work, it will work for you.
Why should I trust/join you?
There are no shoulds :). If you decide that WeCo is not for you, we are perfectly ok with that. We love our awesome community and only welcome people who would enhance it.
Can I apply to join Team WeCo?
Yes, but... There is a qualification process which requires you to be a passionate member in good standing. Since WeCo is all about collaboration, we would love to assure that every applicant knows exactly how WeCo works and how our collaboration can be mutually rewarding.
Is WeCo open for strategic partnership or investment?
Yes, but... There is a qualification process which, preferably, requires you to be a passionate member in good standing. Since WeCo is all about collaboration, we would love to assure that you know exactly how WeCo works and how our collaboration could be mutually rewarding.
Would WE recommend WeCo to our best friends?
Not if we want to remain friends... Just kidding :)

WE would say the following: "if you are serious about living a work-life balance and you are willing to put in your efforts, WeCo is the absolute best thing for you. Keep in mind, that not everything is super-polished and it's still a work-in-progress, BUT the value that you can get today, can significantly springboard you to the life that you always desired.

WeCo today is a small, but strong community. It offers great support system, helps you organize your progress and inspires you to keep moving forward. If you are ready to replace excuses with actions, you must give it a shot. WeCo has been helping others and is here to help you.
Step-by-step and you will get there
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